Our Musicians

Kilmov Alexandr Dmitrievich

A brilliant musician since childhood, Alexandr graduated from the Kazakh National University of Art and has been a performing artist with the State Academic Philharmonic of Astana. He has worn multiple awards and accolades in competitions across Europe and Central Asia.

Dana Bekpossynova

Dana is a highly qualified and recognized pianist and concert master. She completed her studies at Kazakh National Conservatory after graduating with honors. Dana has worked as a concertmaster at multiple musical institutions in Almaty, namely the Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, the P. Tchaikovsky College and Glinka Music School.  She is a seasoned teacher, having taught at the Republic Special Music School named after K.Bayseitova for gifted children since 2012.

Kenzhegul Akshekina

A graduate of Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I.Tchaikovsky, Kenzhegul is a cellist of repute with multiple national and international awards to her credit. She has been the Assistant of the Concertmaster of the cello group in the Symphony Orchestra of the State Academic Philharmonic of Astana. Kenzhegul has performed in different concert halls across the world as a soloist, in chamber ensembles, and has performed in the Symphony Orchestra of Moscow. She has been a passionate teacher since 2011.

Vykhodtseva Olga Nikolaevna

Olga is a trained vocalist, a highly experienced choral conductor and voice trainer, who graduated from Almaty State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy and did further studies at Moscow’s Gnesins Academy. She has been a trainer of multiple choirs around the world and in her long career, has held positions at Almaty choirs as Choirmaster including that of the Choirmaster of the Choral Theater of St. Petersburg .  Olga has taught Kazhakh National Academy of Art in Almaty, the Almaty Music College and Haileybury School at Almaty.

Gleb Nechaev

A talented violist/violinist from St Petersburg, Russia, Gleb graduated from the St Petersburg Music University with Bachelor of Music (Certificate of Education and Training) degree in Music Art and Performance. Later, he completed his higher education at the branch of St. Petersburg Conservatoire, followed by a stint in the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Learning at the prestigious Glazunov Petrozavodsk Public Conservatory.  He then joined the Bryansk Symphony Orchestra and has been a member of the Bryansk Chamber Orchestra since 2016. He continued one more year of education at Tromso conservatory in Norway.